Sharvari Marathe

With a skillset that combines Design 🤝 Art, I'm a Product Designer and Illustrator who's dedicated to producing beautiful yet functional work.

✉️ Say hello @sharvarii.m@gmail.com

📍 Bengaluru

✏️ Doodle diaries

👾 Generative Art Explorations

Crux Intelligence: Jun 2022 - present

Loading states

App Landing Page - Day Mode

Crux Team Doodles

Adobe MAX: CoCreate 2020

Adobe Illustrator for iPad

36 Days of Type: 2020


App Onboarding

App Landing Page - Night Mode

NLG Insights on Answers

Crux Swag Stickers

Broken State

App Landing Page

Design System

Solution for showing insights based summary

Illustrations for SWAG stickers and App Onboarding Screens